The Best Speaker Brands: What You Need to Know When Shopping For Your Next Set Of Speakers

When it comes to buying the best speakers, there is no one right answer; it all depends on what you need it for and where you want to use it. High-end audio equipment typically produces richer sounds, but they are also far more expensive than their less-expensive counterparts.

Here is a list of the eight best speaker brands you should know when considering speaker quality surround sound system loudspeakers.

The eight best speaker brands


Best speaker brands - Apple

Apple’s products are known for their sleek designs and intuitive software which is why it might be strange to some why they are appearing in my best audio brand list. But Apple has really been smashing the hardware in the last few years as they have been looking at it from a software-forward focus. For example, they have created AAC which is their proprietary lossless audio file format which is what powers Apple Music.

With Siri built-in, Apple is an excellent addition pair to any household using iPhones or iPads! These speakers pair are perfect for your living room or bedroom but are not very portable due to their wired design and need to remain plugged in.

Apple HomePod mini is a small, spherical home speaker with Siri built-in. It has an excellent balance of mid-range out the box so voices and lead instruments reproduce clearly but may sound dark at times because it lacks some features like presets or EQs that could customize its sound better for your preferences which makes this device less versatile than other smart speakers on the market today. However listen well; thanks to its 360-degree design you’ll perceive wide open space through which all frequencies bounce making vocals stand apart even among multiple sources playing simultaneously.

The best way to describe it would be like standing in the centre of a large empty room with your eyes closed and your ears open. While this design makes for great acoustics, the HomePod Mini’s best use is personal listening rather than filling an entire room with sound.

Detailed Review: Apple’s HomePod Mini is renowned for its sleek design and integration with Apple’s ecosystem. Notable for its balanced mid-range, it delivers clarity in voices and lead instruments, ideal for a sophisticated home audio setup.

Technical Specifications: The HomePod Mini features a 360-degree sound design, providing full stereo audio for an immersive listening experience. It lacks certain sound customization features like EQs, which could have offered more versatility.

Brand Comparison: Apple, known for its software-centric approach, differs from brands like Sonos, which offers a broader range of home audio solutions. Apple focuses on seamless integration with its own devices, prioritizing user experience within its ecosystem


best speaker brands - Bose

Bose has been around for ages and is known as one of the most durable brands in home electronics, making high-end noise-cancelling headphones that also provide great sound quality which is why it makes it onto my best speaker brands list.

They have a variety of speakers geared toward different audiences. Their SoundLink line is smaller and more portable, while the Home Speaker lineup has smart devices with voice assistants built-in; these can be controlled using Bose’s music companion app which offers bass sliders for those who want their sound profile tailored specifically towards rock songs or trebles to make pop tunes stand out more accurately than ever before!

Bose Portable Smart speaker is the best portable Bluetooth device we’ve tested. It’s designed to be taken anywhere, and it offers fantastic Google Assistant or Alexa support with a sound profile that works well for most music genres smart speakers of all types – from hip hop bass-heavy tracks like “Heaven and Hell” by Kanye West.

However, its size means there are some sacrifices in terms of low-frequency response; these results are especially apparent when listening more closely than usual because you can’t hear those booming lows which make so many songs feel alive!

Detailed Review: Bose is celebrated for its durable, high-quality audio products. The Bose Portable Smart speaker stands out with its versatile sound profile, suitable for a variety of music genres.

Technical Specifications: This speaker offers Google Assistant and Alexa support, enhancing its usability. It’s designed for portability, balancing sound quality with convenience.

Brand Comparison: Bose, with its rich legacy in audio technology, contrasts with newer brands like Beats by Dre. While Beats focuses on trendy, bass-heavy sound, Bose maintains a reputation for consistent, balanced audio across various product lines


Best speaker brands - Sony

As one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, Sony produces products that are tailored to suit a wide range of user bases. It’s of course no wonder then why they are one of the best speaker brands and without even mentioning how good their headphones are!

Their speakers are great for music lovers, but they’re not perfect. One of the most popular features of these high-end models like Sony SRS -RA 3000 is that you can use an app called “Music Center” which gives access to sound settings like graphic EQ and other cool tunes!

However, if portability isn’t as much concern then there’s still value in checking out some cheaper options too though because while all their premium ones offer more than enough power (and don’t need voice assistance), some may lack certain capabilities when used alone without paired smartphones nearby.

We love the Sony XP700! It’s our favourite large party speaker because it can take on both vocals and instruments with ease, giving you that rich sound experience without having to worry about carrying around another device. With its ‘MEGA BASS’ feature turned on (which delivers boomy bass), this huge boombox will make your music feel more intense than ever before—perfect for those who want their EDM or hip-hop songs feeling absolutely visceral when played through them at high volumes.”

Detailed Review: Sony’s range, especially the Sony XP700, is tailored for music enthusiasts, offering a rich sound experience. Its ‘MEGA BASS’ feature enhances bass, making it a favorite for EDM and hip-hop fans.

Technical Specifications: The XP700’s powerful sound capabilities make it an ideal party speaker, capable of handling both vocals and instruments effectively.

Brand Comparison: Sony, a giant in electronics, provides a broader range of products compared to specialized brands like Bang & Olufsen. Sony combines quality with versatility, catering to a wider audience


Best speaker brands - JBL

JBL is a company that specializes in audio equipment, specifically speakers and headphones. They have an extensive lineup for outdoor use but can also be used indoors to great effect if you’re looking at it more casually instead of professionally! JBL speakers are known for their clear sound profiles, though they often lack the customization options like graphic equalizers. These drawbacks can be overlooked when you consider how loud these models get and that some of them even come equipped with RGB lights!

We loved the JBL PartyBox 310! It’s a large, Bluetooth speaker with an RGB light show that can produce some impressive sounds. The bass is well extended and it has a slightly boomy profile – perfect for those who enjoy EDM or hip hop music genres (we would say this is also true if you want to play louder tracks).

You’ll be able to get really loud without any compression on your max volume which makes filling larger rooms easy as pie; however its bulky design might make transportation difficult at times depending upon where exactly these speakers will end up being used… but don’t worry because they’re water-resistant so there is good protection against spills/sprays when outside.

Detailed Review: JBL’s PartyBox 310 excels in delivering loud, clear sound, suitable for outdoor use. Its boomy bass profile makes it perfect for genres like EDM and hip-hop.

Technical Specifications: The PartyBox 310, with its RGB light show, is designed for both visual and auditory impact. Its large size and water resistance make it suitable for outdoor parties.

Brand Comparison: JBL, known for its clear sound profiles, differs from brands like Klipsch, which often focus more on high-fidelity audio. JBL offers a balance of sound quality and visual appeal

Ultimate Ears

Best speaker brands - Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears has been a subsidiary of Logitech since they bought out the company in 2008. They produce audio products like headphones and speakers that can be used for music or podcasting, among other things!

We loved the large, durable HYPERBOOM speaker from Ultimate Ears. This IPX4 rated device can withstand small splashes of water so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet during your outdoor adventures or if rainstorms are coming through! The battery life was also great at around 24 hours – perfect for even long days spent listening outside with this amazing-sounding wireless Bluetooth sound system in tow

The sound quality derived from its natural highs and lows while maintaining a full bass response without sacrificing clarity; something that’s difficult because most cheaper speakers struggle simultaneously taking away some detail on high frequencies and some on the low end.

Detailed Review: Ultimate Ears’ HYPERBOOM speaker is lauded for its durability and excellent sound quality. It’s designed for both music and podcast listening, boasting natural highs and lows.

Technical Specifications: The HYPERBOOM is IPX4 rated, ensuring resilience against water splashes. Its long battery life makes it ideal for extended outdoor use.

Brand Comparison: As a subsidiary of Logitech, Ultimate Ears competes with brands like Jabra, focusing on portable, user-friendly designs. Ultimate Ears emphasizes robust build quality and sound performance


best speaker brands

Founded in 1932 by Gilbert Briggs, Wharefdale takes its name from a valley found at the upper parts of River Wharfe where he first made speakers. responsible for innovations such as two-way speaker and ceramic driver; the Diamond range is the company’s most famous recent years due to the wide variety available with affordable price tags which make it one of the best speaker brands out there today.

And now we have a winner of the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021. The Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 not only sounds great, but it’s also affordable and easy to set up!

When it comes to sound, the Diamond 12.3 are a model of musical refinement for their money; they have an even-handed tone with lovely highs and lows that will please most listeners who prefer not too thick or thin basslines in their music. These speakers aren’t going anywhere when you need them because while they can handle poor signals well enough at 98cm tall, what really matters is how nicely they round the ages off poor signals!

When it comes to the quality of their build, these speakers are surprisingly sturdy and durable for something so affordable. They come in four different finishes – walnut (my own personal taste and favourite), black, white or light oak; all of which have an elegant appearance but don’t break your bank account when you buy them!

Detailed Review: Wharfedale, with its award-winning Diamond 12.3 speakers, offers musical refinement at an affordable price. These speakers provide a balanced tone with pleasing highs and lows.

Technical Specifications: The Diamond 12.3 speakers are known for their ability to handle poor signals effectively, making them reliable for various audio setups.

Brand Comparison: Wharfedale, a historic brand, contrasts with contemporary brands like Bowers & Wilkins. While Wharfedale focuses on affordable, quality speakers at affordable prices, Bowers & Wilkins targets the high-end market with premium pricing

Fyne Audio

best speaker brands

Formed by former Tannoy employees, Fyne Audio has filled a gap when it comes to brilliant hi-fi speakers born in Scotland. The company’s newest model; Fyne Audio F302 floorstanders, debuted last year and quickly became one of my favourites here at HIFI Audio Lab–the 2018 version was no different!

Now they’ve improved on their already stellar design with some neat upgrades: like replacing polyester diaphragms for titanium ones derived from more premium Series 500 designs; upgrading components such as tweeters housing units to create an even more transparent sound; and best of all, upping the bass response across this entire speaker. The best part? It sounds just as great when paired with a music streaming device for a better, more streamlined experience.

Fyne’s new hi-fi speakers are an improvement over the original models in almost every way. They’re made from quality materials, come with great features and sound incredible for their price point–which isn’t bad at all considering these will likely outlive many competing products!

I was really impressed by how much Fyne Audio has captured from the original design. They’ve improved on all my favourite aspects while still maintaining what makes it great!

Detailed Review: Fyne Audio, with its F302 floorstanders, showcases improved design and sound quality. The speaker brand name is recognized for its hi-fi speakers that offer clear and transparent sound.

Technical Specifications: Fyne Audio’s F302 features upgrades like titanium diaphragms and enhanced bass response, making it a standout in its category.

Brand Comparison: Fyne Audio fills a niche in hi-fi speakers, distinguishing itself from top speaker brands, like KEF, which often emphasize more avant-garde designs. Fyne Audio focuses on traditional, high-quality sound production

Ruark Audio

best speaker brands

When Brian O’Rourke and his son Alan pooled their savings to rent a small workshop in Rayleigh, Essex they had no idea that it would lead the way for future success. It was only after seeing an opportunity gap within high-quality audio systems did this family jump on the perfect chance – which ultimately led them into these excellent wireless desktop speakers!

Ruark Audio MR1 Wireless Desktop Speakers are back and just as sleek, sophisticated and intuitively designed. They gained their two successive “What Hi-Fi?” Awards in 2013 after being first introduced with an awesome retro look coupled with top-notch sound quality that made them one of the best buys on CB GHz at only $149/£139 or less than half price compared to KEF’s expensive eggs which cost upwards of three times more than what you pay for these speakers making it quite obvious why they’ve reclaimed the top spot.

These speakers are great for any room in your home. They offer CD-like sound quality with Bluetooth aptX active, enabling you to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone or other device without distortion even when nestled next against walls that may be thinner than these little bad boys can stretch out on! The optical input also lets them connect easily onto most TVs so all those childhood memories won’t go forgotten – just pick up some headphones if want quiet time alone after listening through this new library of yours.

The Ruark MR1 Mk2s are an impressive step up from their predecessors and will please those looking for a compact speaker that still sounds great.

Detailed Review: Ruark Audio stands out for its elegant design and exceptional sound quality. Our in-depth analysis reveals that the Ruark Audio R7 is particularly notable for its versatile audio performance, delivering rich and deep bass along with crystal clear treble. Users have reported an immersive listening experience, with the R7’s stylish design being a conversation starter in any room. This makes it a top choice for design-conscious audiophiles and those looking to enhance listening environment and their living space aesthetics.

Technical Specifications:The Ruark Audio R7 boasts impressive specs, including a multi-format CD player, aptX Bluetooth, a DAB/DAB+/FM tuner, and internet radio capabilities. Its dimensions are very manageable, fitting elegantly into a variety of spaces. These technical details contribute to providing a versatile and rich audio experience, ensuring seamless compatibility with various modern devices and formats.

Brand Comparison:Compared to other brands like Bose or Sonos, Ruark Audio excels in integrating classic design with modern audio technology. While Bose and Sonos offer a more contemporary look with their products, Ruark Audio focuses on a unique blend of retro and modern aesthetics and sound system, appealing to those who appreciate both visual artistry and sound quality.

Klipsch Audio

A tech-driven pioneer in the audio industry, Klipsch Audio continues to elevate the home audio experience with its innovative products. In September 2023, the company announced the launch of The One Plus and The Three Plus stereo speaker systems, marking a significant addition to its premium audio offerings​​. The One Plus, in particular, stands out as a premium Bluetooth tabletop speaker that delivers robust sound with its dual 2.25″ full-range drivers and a 4.5″ high excursion woofer. This speaker, designed to provide premium audio in any room, also offers convenient control through the Klipsch app and features a new Broadcast Mode for connecting multiple devices​​.

Expanding its Heritage wireless speaker series, Klipsch introduced “The Sevens” and “The Nines” in February 2023. These speakers, along with their sibling “The Fives”, are engineered to function as complete stereo systems. They offer versatility, including the ability to connect to a TV via HDMI ARC, complemented by integrated phono capabilities​​. Furthermore, Klipsch has refreshed its home theater offerings with the introduction of two new reference speakers: the floor-standing RF-7 III and the RC-64 III center channel speaker. These speakers are recognized for their exceptional performance and are competitively priced, demonstrating Klipsch’s commitment to delivering high-quality home audio solutions​​.

In addition to these new releases, Klipsch has expanded its Reference series with 10 new models. This series includes three floorstanding speakers (R-605FA Dolby Atmos enabled, R-800F, and R-600F), two center channels (R-50C and R-30C), and two bookshelf speakers. This expansion showcases Klipsch’s dedication to providing a wide range of options for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts, ensuring that there’s a Klipsch speaker to meet various needs and preferences​​.

Overall, Klipsch Audio’s recent innovations and expansions reflect their ongoing commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with high-quality sound production. The brand continues to distinguish itself in the competitive audio market by offering a blend of traditional and modern audio solutions, tailored to cater to a diverse range of audio enthusiasts.

Harman Kardon

In 2023, Harman Kardon, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., marked its 70th year of audio innovation with the introduction of groundbreaking acoustic innovations and new audio products. The brand announced two new acoustic technologies: Ready Together and Software Enabled Branded Audio during the HARMAN EXPLORE 2022 event. Ready Together uses advanced acoustic technology to enhance in-vehicle communication and entertainment, integrating features like voice prompts, alerts, and music/media for a seamless in-car experience. It includes advanced sound zone technology, allowing each occupant to enjoy their own media while still sharing experiences. The Software Enabled Branded Audio is a software platform that transforms unbranded car audio systems into a high-quality HARMAN branded audio experience with personalized audio features and customizable sound experiences, requiring no additional hardware​​.

Additionally, Harman Kardon introduced an updated Personal Audio Headrest as part of the Ready Together solution. This headrest offers an ergonomic and comfortable way to deliver high-quality audio, with a modular design for seamless in-cabin integration and adjustable immersion levels from 2-channel stereo to full surround sound​​.

For home audio, Harman Kardon launched three new products in 2023: the LUNA portable Bluetooth speaker, the Aura Studio 4 Bluetooth home speaker, and the GO + PLAY 3 Bluetooth portable speaker. The Aura Studio 4 features a transparent dome design for 360-degree surround sound and lighting, a built-in 5.2-inch subwoofer, and six mid-range and high-range drivers, providing deep bass and crystal-clear sound. It also includes a diamond lighting effect with various light modes that sync with the music. The GO + PLAY 3 combines style and functionality with its environmentally-friendly mesh fabric, aluminum top handle, glass touch panel, and dual microphones for teleconferencing. It offers rich, full-frequency sound with up to 8 hours of playtime and supports wireless dual channel connectivity​​.

These innovations and product launches highlight Harman Kardon’s commitment to blending state-of-the-art technology with high-quality sound production, continuing its legacy as a leader in the audio industry.


When shopping for new speakers, there are a few key factors to take into consideration. The first is your intended use for the speakers. If you’re looking for a set of speakers to use in your own home theater or theatre system, you’ll probably want something that is stationary and can handle higher volumes and produce richer sound than if you were using them for a desktop computer.

Or if you are looking for a speaker to take on camping trips then portability and durability may be more important than sound quality. You might want to consider a set of wireless speakers that run on rechargeable batteries or have a built-in power source for best results.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the speakers. If you have a limited amount of space, you’ll want to get a set of smaller speakers; likewise, if you have a large room to fill, you’ll need larger ones. And finally, don’t forget about your budget; the best audio speaker brands in the world can be expensive, but there are also some very affordable speakers and options available.


The best speaker brands: What you need to know when shopping for your next set of speakers. When it comes to buying the best speakers, there is no one right answer; it all depends on what you need it for and where you want to use it. High-end audio equipment typically produces richer sounds, but they are also far more expensive than most people their less-expensive counterparts. I hope you found our list useful!

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